Sara Bannerman, Ph.D. (Carleton University)
Canada Research Chair in Communication Policy and Governance
Associate Professor

Sara Bannerman leads the Communications Governance Observatory. Dr. Bannerman researches traditional forms of governance such as copyright, intellectual property, and privacy law, as well as governance undertaken through non-state actors: governance by code, technologies, and private companies.
+1(905) 525-9140 ext. 23722
E-mail: banners[at]mcmaster[dot]ca

Sumana Naidu, B.A. Honours Candidate (McMaster University)
Research Assistant

I recently graduated from the Bachelor of Health Sciences program in May 2019, and am about to begin my first year of medical school at the University of Toronto. During my time at the CGO, I have worked with Dr. Bannerman to create the CGO Podcast, which releases a new episode every month!
E-mail: naidus1[at]mcmaster[dot]ca

Ian Steinberg Ph.D Candidate (McMaster University)
Research Assistant

Ian Steinberg is a PhD student at McMaster studying documentary and nonfiction multimedia. Ian is a research assistant at the Observatory and usually assembles the newsletter.
E-mail: steinbei[at]mcmaster[dot]ca

Charnjot Shokar, M.A.
Research Coordinator

Charnjot graduated in 2018 from the Communication and New Media M.A. program at McMaster University. He has worked closely with Sara on multiple projects; the two most pertinent being a brief to the the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology on intermediary copyright enforcement and an op-ed for The Conversation on Canada’s response to the Facebook data scandal. Currently, he is conducting research for a paper on platform imperialism.
E-mail: charnjot.shokar[at]gmail[dot]com​

Emmanuel Appiah, B.A. Honours (McMaster University)
Research Assistant

Emmanuel Appiah is currently a Masters student in the Communications and New Media program here at McMaster. He conducts research on critical race IP, copyright, and television studies. In the Network Governance lab, he works closely with Dr. Bannerman on various projects ranging from privacy, platform governance, critical race IP, and IP law.
E-mail: appiae2[at]mcmaster[dot]ca

Fizza Kulvi Ph.D Candidate (McMaster University)
Research Assistant

Fizza is a PhD candidate in the Communication, New Media and Cultural Studies program at McMaster University. Her research focuses on international communication policy with an emphasis on freedom of expression in the global South. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences from the University of Alberta and a master’s degree in Globalization Studies from McMaster University.
E-mail: kulvif[at]mcmaster[dot]ca

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