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News Releases:

  • Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2022-15

[2022-01-26 11:00:00]

Maritime Broadcasting System Limited – Campbellton, New Brunswick – Application by Maritime Broadcasting System Limited for a broadcasting license to operate an English-language commercial FM radio station in Campbellton, New Brunswick, to replace its English-language AM radio station CKNB Campbellton. Public record for this application: 2021-0192-1

  • Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2022-14

[2022-01-26 11:00:00]

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador – Application for a broadcasting license to operate an English-language FM radio station in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador. Public record for this application: 2021-0234-1

  • Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2022-9

[2022-01-24 11:00:00]

Gulf Islands Community Radio Society – Application for a broadcasting license to operate an English-language community FM radio station on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, as well as a rebroadcasting transmitter also on Salt Spring Island. Public record for this application: 2018-1112-5

  • Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2022-11

[2022-01-25 11:00:00]

United Christian Broadcasters Media Canada – Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan – Applications to amend the broadcasting licenses for the English-language commercial specialty (Christian music) radio programming undertakings CKJJ-FM, CKGW-FM, CHJJ-FM, CJOA-FM, CJAH-FM, CKOS-FM, and CIUC-FM – Public record for this application: 2019-0517-6, 2019-0518-4, 2019-0519-2, 2019-0520-0, 2019-0521-7, 2019-0522-5 and 2019-0532-4

  • Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2022-12

[2022-01-25 11:00:00]

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Halifax and Margaree, Nova Scotia – Application to change the authorized contours of CBAF-FM-12 Margaree, Nova Scotia, a rebroadcasting transmitter for the French-language radio programming undertaking CBAF-FM-5 Halifax (ICI Première) – Public record for this application: 2021-0396-9

Senate of Canada

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First meeting scheduled for: Tuesday, February 1, 2022 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (EST)


Anticipated releases for the week of 31 January to 4 February 2022

The CRTC is not planning on issuing any decisions, regulatory policies and reports in the week of 31 January to 4 February 2022. This is subject to change without notice.

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